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Im new and Im scared and I hate bugs

Thank goodness for this community.
Finally people who will never laugh or stare in shock because of my fear.

1. What is the biggest bug you've ever killed?

I dont. I scream, run, jump up and down and get my Mom. I get Dad if Mom isnt fast enough. Then I moved three states away.. I get the neighbor now.
Once when the neighbor was out for the night my Brand Spanking New can of RAID: Kills On Contact ( it really does ) did kill a large cockroach though.

2. What is the strangest/biggest bug you've ever come across?

Yeah, nothing too strange. Normal things. Once years ago I hornet got into our apartment. I locked myself in my room, called my Mom at work and made her leave to come kill it.

3. Share your scariest bug experience.

Just one? Well, Ive moved to the city. What does the city have? Roaches. My place isnt infested *knocks on wood* but far too often for my sanity have I been scared into jumping onto the center of my bed, spraying the perimeter and crying myself to sleep because a cockroach the length of a sponge has just run across my floor and then did a back-flip into my SHOE closet. I wore the same pair of shoes for a month and half before I went back to the closet. I sprayed but never saw the death. For the following week I didnt walk on my floor. I stood on my bed, hopped onto the chair and leaped in the bathroom. I left the house everyday.

Just thinking about this makes my nervous.
I dont just walk into my apartment anymore. I open the door and do a sweep with my eyes to check for creatures; then I enter the room.

Oh just a lil info about my phobia, Im scared of butterflies and ladybugs also.
I once saw a praying mantis outside our old apartment door. It took my mom ten minutes to get me to run past it into the house.
Crickets are the devil. Those legs and the nerve to jump.
My RAID sits on my computer desk ( where I am at all times ) or on my bedside table. I have a backup next to the kitchen sink.
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