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I never knew a community like this existed.

Like the subject line says, I never knew a community like this existed. Anyway, My names Ryan, Im 22 years old and I live in Poughkeepsie, NY. I am a professional pest control tech, or just an exterminator in Westchester County, NY. Anyway, I've been looking for a place to post my experiences for people who want to hear them. Anyway,

1. What is the biggest bug you ever killed?

The biggest individual bug I ever killed was a wolf spider about the size of a small frisbee. There wasnt even a nest or anything, I was called out there just to kill that one spider that took residence in a rich lady's attic. If we are talking swarms, the biggest swarm I've had to deal with were roaches in this apartment building in Ossining. This one kitchen had to have at least 3,000 roaches once I was done fogging the place.

2. What is the strangest bug you have come across?

Probably the cicada killer wasps that are very common this time of the year. Imagine an armored wasp about half the size of a dollar bill with red eyes and the ability to come back to life after stomping on them repeatedly. The good news is that they only thing they attack are the cicadas.

3. Share your scariest bug experience.

I was treating a wasp nest within a wall, though I underestimated the size of the nest. As I was treating, the acid secreted by the wasp larva finally rotted the drywall enough to have the whole nest come crashing down on me, along with at least 500 wasps. If I wasnt wearing a bee suit, I swear to you I would be dead.
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