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Do mice count?

I mean hell, there was one in my gawd damned kitchen the other night. I was not pleased. I called the landlord, left a msg and waited for a return call. Nothing. So I called the next morning and left another msg. Nothing.
I might have to get nasty.
Then tonight after a very long and tiresome day I come home. I walk up the stairs to my apartment and what is on the step? A gawd damned roach. Apparently, baby roaches do not live in Philly. Only mega sized ones. Again, not pleased. I suffer from Entomophobia for christ sakes.
I go to my apt, get the can and go spray for my life. I leave no chance for it to find its dirty and disease ridden ass into my apartment.

Question: When an exterminator comes and sprays, what are the chances the vermin only finds their way from the hiding spots and out into the open as opposed to dying where I cant see them? Cause Id really like to have someone spray but if theyre just gonna come out into the open then denial is fine with me...
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