MaryAnne Ysabella (hisprophet) wrote in the_anti_bug,
MaryAnne Ysabella

ok here's the scoop:

I have roaches in my apartment. 
the apartment has already been sprayed at the beginning of this month; I have to wait for another month to see if this was 'effective'.

I have kittens.
they eat a lot.

I have discovered roaches trying to eat the kittens' food.

I have been trying to put their food dish in the refrigerator when I cannot actually watch them eating. However, on days I work, I'm gone 9+ hours a day, and they must eat more frequently than that.
Much poison is out of the question obviously, dont' want to hurt the wee ones.

PLEASE some animal-friendly help with this problem: how can I leave [dry] cat food out for a considerable amount of time during the day [at least 9 hours] in a brightly sunlit room without roaches contaminating & eating it!?

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