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intro and dillema of the moment.

1. What is the biggest bug you've ever killed?
although i'm so afraid of cockroaches, i'm not afraid to kill them. i'm a cockroach killing machine. and thank goodness they are the largest i've ever seen. i'd die of fright if i saw bigger.

2. What is the strangest/biggest bug you've ever come across?
i rarely see beetles. so they're pretty strange to me.

3. Share your scariest bug experience.
in the spring i regularly get chased around by bees, wasps, and butterflies. yes butterflies. those things are vicious! and they want me dead for some reason. it's pretty scary when you walk outside and those guys sense it and immediately attack!
people think i'm crazy, but i swear the butterflies are from the devil!

The Tick Problem.
a couple months ago our dog had a tick. our vet said we didn't really need frontline unless we were picking off multiple ticks a day.
just this past week we have been picking multiple ticks off a day.
we take our dog out to do his business and when we bring him back in we pick through his fur to find all the ticks that got on him.
he's covered in scabs from the ones we missed.
i found one in the bed. i'm freaking out. i can't sleep.
we're going to have a baby in october and i'm totally stressing out about getting rid of the ticks before then.
we're also planning on moving. i don't want to take the ticks with us
do you know if washing everything and vacuuming everything will help get rid of them?
i'm soooooo freaked out! they must die.
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