vnsplshr (vnsplshr) wrote in the_anti_bug,

New... and cockroaches

1. What is the biggest bug you've ever killed?

Something was up on top of some insulation in the ceiling of my parents' basement. I whapped around up there with a broomstick, and I think I got it. I have no idea what it was. I never went after the remains. It looked damn big.

2. What is the strangest/biggest bug you've ever come across?

I saw some white, lumpy-bodied spiders in a tree once. Looked like mutant, multi-legged marshmallow balls.

3. Share your scariest bug experience.

This was the first place I've lived with roaches. I was battling 100% with the killing until one night that one got away. I knew it was in the room and it had me completely unnerved. Ruined my sleep... but I found it the next morning.


Roach question:

Why is it that I can never find roaches when I look for them, but they love to either wait and/or die in the middle of my kitchen floor... so I find them when I get home?

It's like they're presenting themselves for killing. The dead ones baffle me. How did they work up the strength to center themselves in the floor... just to fall over dead?

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