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New To The Group

1) What is the biggest bug you've ever killed? Gotta be a millipede, google it they get to be kinda big.

2) What is the strangest bug you've ever come across? I see so many that I'm not fazed by anything I come across anymore.

3) Share your scariest bug experience. Not really a scariest moment but pretty strange moment just the same. We had fumigated a house for termites when after about 3 days we got a call from the homeowner about a foul smell coming from under the house. Me and another tech went to check it out and it was a dead cat. Had to get it out and the guy I was with was having no part of it so I went under myself to get it. Grabbed it by it's tail and as I was dragging the cat it felt like it was getting lighter so I turned around and saw that the cat fell apart. Pretty gruesome with the cat stretched out over about 20 feet, all the maggots, and the stench. Wasn't much else to do except bury it and go on.

A little bio: I'm a Service Manager for a medium sized Termite/Pest Control company. Licensed by the State of California with a Br: 2 (General Pest), and Br. 3 (Termite) Field Representative's License. Also have a Qualified Applicator's License issued by the California DPR (Department of Pesticide Regulation) category C Landscape Maintenance

Just found the group while plugging in interests so hopefully I might be able to help somebody sometime. Any PCO' here? Holla!!!
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