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Spiders. ;_;

I just killed about ten spiders that had taken up residence around my cat's litterbox. (Of all places! Spiders are idiots.) I, being horrifically afraid of the little bastards, put on thick gloves and got ready to do some spidey-hunting. I killed a few spiders... then killed some more... then realized they were all over the litterbox. So I very carefully carried the box to the bathroom, as I'd rather risk carrying spiders than have them run loose in my bedroom. After scooping all the litter out, I sprayed the box with hot water.

When I flipped it over, there were several egg sacs along the edges. (eek.) Those would NOT come off when I sprayed them with the showerhead. I had to take them off with paper towels.

At least all the spiders were small enough to go down the drain and DIE. Take THAT, minions of evil! Maybe now they'll think twice about weaving their webs around a freaking litterbox.

I keep thinking I feel something crawling on me. Like the spiders are going to come after me for revenge or something. Gaaaah.
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