Jet (jet_loves_juu) wrote in the_anti_bug,

Hi, I'm Jet, a 19 year old from New York.

And dear lord, do I hate spiders.

During the summer, there is a new spider in my room about every three days. Like clockwork... kill, three days, new spider. It's nervewracking, to the point where I developed a system of scanning the room and ceiling of my bedroom AND the shower before coming in. Just to make sure. If a spider is on the ground, it isn't so bad, but once it's above the reach of my foot, my phobia kicks in. I sweat, get the hot and cold chills, I freeze in my tracks, and I shake. I've had the guts to kill two, maybe three spiders in my life. Glad to have found you all.

1. What is the biggest bug you've ever killed?: A huge ass flying bug that bit me on the neck. I mean, it was HUGE. I still don't know what it was to this day.

2. What is the strangest/biggest bug you've ever come across?: Those cricket/spider hybrids... ugggh

3a. Share your scariest bug experience.: I had taken my favorite pair of jeans off the line in my backyard and threw them on under my nightgown. I ran back inside to find a matching shirt and was ready to head out the door, when I felt a searing hot pain by my right knee. After pounding on my leg frantically, I stripped infront of my Grandpa and Mother to my underwear and ran into my Grandmother's room crying and sobbing. After 15 minutes of sobbing and looking at my poor leg, I go back into the kitched and fearfully shake out my jeans. I find the smashed remains of a bumblebee that had come along for the ride. Why did it take the thing 10 minutes to sting and/or bite me? Arg.

3b. I was in Manhattan in Penn Station ordering from a Blimpies. I walk forward and stand, taking a look at what was on the menu. My friend standing next to me clears her throat and looks down, which in turn causes me to look down too. Next to my foot was a 3 inch long cockaroach. I screamed and kicked it, then fell to my knees and cried. The blimpie lady and her manager (THE FUCKING PRICKS) laughed at me, and made fun of me when I went to pay for my food, by pointing and fake-screaming at the floor by my feet when there was nothing there. How professional... when they're the ones who have bugs running around their food establishment.
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I empathize with you. Its rare to find someone who doesnt make fun of our fear but then to hear from you. I cry too.
How dare those assholes laugh at you when their the ones with roaches! I would have yelled that around the store and not paid for the food.