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Bed bugs

Hey all... I have a few questions for the group...

A little less than a week ago, my boyfriend and I discovered we had bed bugs on our bedskirt. We threw it away immediately (in a dumpster far away from our apartment complex along with a few other things)and found a few in various parts of our bedroom.

We had an inspector come out today, to look for them AND do a treatment. He sprayed and did whatever he could (I wasn't allowed to be in the apartment so I'm not sure what exactly he did). However tonight, we came home after all of this, to still find one LIVE bedbug under our dresser.

So my question to all of you is, is this common? Should I be worried there are more? Did he not do a good job? And should I wait to put anything back in the bedroom???

Thank you SO much in advance!
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he did a bad job.
Actually he did a great job. It's been a year since the whole thing happened, and after a few treatments, I've never seen a bug again.